May 2003 News

Police Indicts Hurriyat For Channelling Terror Funds

30 May 2003
The Asian Age

New Delhi: Severely indicting All Party Hurriyat Conference and its chairman Abdul Gani Butt for allegedly channelling funds from Pakistan to terrorist outfits in the country, the Delhi police has claimed that Mr Butt could not explain the source of the Rs 2 lakh recovered from the house of his Kashmir Awareness bureau chief here. Mr Butt had been using KaB chief Shabir Ahmed Dar and the arrested Hurriyat activist Anjum Zamrooda Habib to collect money from former Pakistani deputy high commissioner to India Jalil Abbas Jilani, the police said in the chargesheet filed in the case, adding Habib was to pass this money to militants through Mr Butt, who would also instruct Dar how to utilise the funds. 'The APHC chairman, who was interrogated in Srinagar, could not explain the source of the money recovered from Dar, though he did not confess his direct involvement,' it said. Dar, the police claims, had confessed that the money was provided by Mr Jilani for funding terrorist activities in India. Leaving the APHC further red faced, it said investigation had established that senior Hurriyat leader Abdul Gani Lone gave Rs 9.5 lakhs to KaB to purchase a Mitsubishi Lancer car. Mr Butt could not provide information on this money too, it said. From this it is evident that the APHC and persons linked with it have been holding unaccountable fund with them and spending the same on terrorist outfits for their activities or for activites affiliated to them, it added. However, the investigators were not able to collect direct and sufficient evidence against Mr Butt, the chargesheet said, adding he was hence not arrested. However, his name has been placed in column 2, indicating that he is not being sent for trial. Meanwhile, on the list of 69 prisoners allegedly seized from the KaB office here, the chargesheet said 28 of these were still lodged in Tihar jail. The prisoners whose names figure in the list include many from Pakistan and Bangladesh besides those from Jammu And Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Kolkata. Recoveries from the office also included a letter written by its chief Firdaus Asime to the APHC chairman to make payments to three advocates who it claimed were dealing with the cases of kashmiri detinues. On the diary claimed to have been seized from habib, who was arrested from outside the Pakistani high commission here, the police said it mentioned the names of terrorist outfits - Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and Al-Umar - all banned under Pota, and corresponding entries of the money to be disbursed among them. These entries were also made as per the directions of Mr Jilani, the chargesheet claimed, adding that the diplomat could not, however, be prosecuted as he enjoyed diplomatic immunity. However, his name too has been put in column 2 of the chargesheet.


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