May 2003 News

Cong Favours Talks With J&K Separatists

31 May 2003
The Times of India

Srinagar: Congress said on Saturday the Centre should hold talks with all sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir, including separatists to usher in peace in the state. 'We have not changed our stand. It remains the same that talks should be conducted with all sections of the society,' Congress president Sonia Gandhi told a press conference in Srinagar. She supported Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's peace initiative with Pakistan but said the government had to be cautious considering the past experience. Gandhi said the government tended to go from one extreme to another on a 'sensitive' matter of foreign policy, creating confusion. 'While one functionary of the government states one thing, somebody else speaks in totally opposite tone,' she said. 'This is our area of concern. We have specifically criticised this area of the government functioning on foreign policy,' the Congress chief said.


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