June 2003 News

Pakistan Downplays Vajpayee's Remarks On AJK

4 June 2003
News Network International

New Delhi: Pakistan Wednesday sought to downplay Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's remarks on Azad Kashmir, saying leaders should realize the 'importance and sensitive' nature of the issue. 'I don't think there is any need to react. We are at the receiving end. You just analyse by yourself the statement of the respected Prime Minister Vajpayee for the last one month. So you will be in a better position to realize what he wants to say,' Pakistan's Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said. Vajpayee had said last night that if talks were to resume with Pakistan on Kashmir issue, they have to be on the one-third portion of Kashmir, which was under Pakistani control. 'It (Kashmir) is a very touchy subject...The leaders should realize the importance and sensitive nature of the subject. We should not give any harsh statement before it (dialogue) starts,' he said. Ahmed told two Indian TV channels separately over telephone that 'as far as Pakistan is concerned we are waiting for his (Vajpayee's) response and the timing for the dialogue and we believe and we want that we should start with a good atmosphere and a positive approach'.


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