June 2003 News

Conference rejects any US-brokered deal on Kashmir

9 June 2003
The Dawn
Our Reporter

KARACHI: Secretary General of Jamaat-i-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has outright rejected any solution to the Kashmir issue brokered by the United States and warned that if Gen Musharraf capitulated on the issue during his upcoming US visit, he would not be able to stay in power for long. Addressing Kashmir conference, organized by the local chapter of JI on Sunday night, Mr Hassan said that Kashmir issue should only be resolved in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions. 'If a trade off is agreed on Kashmir, Indian hegemony is also conceded under American dictation, and Constitution is allowed to be subservient to the whims of an individual, then the estranged people will march on Islamabad to express their anger,' he warned. Mr Hassan also maintained that instead of Gen Musharraf alone, Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali should have been invited to meet President Bush at Camp David. He clarified that opposition's struggle against the LFO was actually aimed at empowering the prime minister. He claimed that Kashmiris were fighting for Pakistan's cause as without Kashmir, Pakistan will remain incomplete. He alleged that ever since peace overtures were made by the two countries, India had been left free to escalate its terror on innocent Kashmiris. He noted that while Mr Vajpayee had not deviated from his peace overtures, Pakistani rulers were waiting for a nod from the US. The JI leader rejected moves to turn the LoC into a permanent boundary and said that India should be made answerable for the killing of thousands of innocent Kashmiris during the past 15 years. He said that Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal had so far averted any direct clash between the rulers and the people who were restive and eager to take on the government. Referring to the ruling party's contention that instead of LFO, the opposition should talk of eliminating poverty and controlling price spiral, Mr Hassan asked why had not the government discharged its responsibility. Sardar Aijaz Fazal Khan, AJK chief of Jamaat-i- Islami, said Kashmiris would not allow anyone to deny them the reward from Jihad nor would they accept making LOC a permanent border dividing the territory under American pressure. He also rejected the proposals made by the AJK prime minister in this regard. He voiced Kashmiris' resentment over moves to sabotage Jihad and close down centres of the struggle. He said the struggle of Kashmiri people was not aimed at securing a piece of land but to ensure the triumph of belief and supremacy of Islam. He expressed his astonishment over the situation where those not even aware of the geography of Kashmir, were trying to impose their master's formula on the people of Kashmir. Sardar Aijaz claimed that Indian political and military leadership had realized the fact that it could not keep the Kashmiris under their yoke by force. Therefore, he added, it was now trying to get over it. He said that Pakistan would have to play its role at international level. Hafiz Mohammad Taqi, city chief of the MMA, declared that any solution to the Kashmir issue that was not in accordance with the UN resolution or arrived at without involving the Kashmiris would not be acceptable. Dr Mairajul Huda Siddiqui, city chief of JI, also rejected any trade off on the rights and aspirations of Kashmiri people and expressed solidarity with those subjected to oppression by the Indian forces.


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