June 2003 News

APC Rejects 'Chenab' Plan, US Mediation On Kashmir

10 June 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Lahore: All main political and religious parties of the country Monday rejected 'Chenab' formula and American mediation to resolve the long- standing Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. At an All Parties Conference attended by 27 main political and religious parties of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir it described the Kashmir division under so-called 'Chenab' formula a conspiracy to create 'Mirzael' state in the region. The joint declaration issued after the APC accused that Bush administration wants to create an independent Kashmir to maintain its hegemony in the region by giving few parts of Kashmir to Pakistan and India. The declaration made abundantly clear that they would not allow America to divide Kashmir. The joint communiqué says that only way to resolve this lingering dispute is implementation of United Nations resolutions. It also suggests tripartite talks among Pakistan, India and Kashmir representatives to address the Kashmir problem in amicable manner. The declaration reaffirmed that Pakistan would continue to support Kashmir freedom movement, politically, morally and diplomatically. In another resolution, it warns government to be aware of existing 'Qadiani' lobby, which was hatching conspiracy against enforcement of Islamic Sharia and country's nuclear program. It also demanded of the world to declare India a terrorist state because of its forces gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir against innocent Kashmiri.


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