June 2003 News

Pakistan Asked To Adopt Combined Policy On Kashmir

12 June 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Birmingham: Kashmiris and Pakistanis settled in Britain have urged Pakistan government to adopt a combined policy regarding solution of Kashmir as per wishes of people of Kashmir . On the invitation of Tehreek Isteqam Pakistan Britain, a representative emergency meeting of Pakistani and Kashmiri organisations from Midlands was held . In the meeting comprising of Pakistani and Kashmiri organisations a resolution was passed in which grave concern was expressed over the Pakistan governments changing attitude on Kashmir policy . The resolution also told the Pakistan government that they will not accept any solution or option in the solution of Kashmir, which is contrary to the agreed UN proposed resolutions . The resolution called upon the United Nations in particular the international community in general to intervene and take practical steps to persuade India to stop human rights violations by its troops . They stressed the need of setting up of permanent and effective Kashmir desk in view to thwart Indian conspiracies, which can give a firm answer to Indian propaganda in this regard. The resolution maintained that whenever India has decided to come to table talks with Pakistan, it has increased its troops on border areas as well as martyred numerous innocent Kashmirs . 'Since the last one decade they have killed more than 75000 Kashmiris which exposes the tyranny of their imposed rule. They have no justification to cling on to power. They must go now', they said . Meanwhile they have requested President Pakistan and Government of Pakistan to adopt a clear stance on a combined policy on Kashmir . The meeting was attended by a large number of Kashmiri leaders including President Tehreek Kashmir Britain Muhammad Ghalib, director UK Birmingham Malik Fazal Hussein, President Tehreek Ishtaqam Pakistan Muhammad Abdul Karim, Central President Council of British Barrister Chaudhry Abdul Qayuum, President Muslim Conference Birmingham Raja Muhammad Yasin and Vice President UK Islamic mission Britain Muhammad Sarfaraz Madni and others participated .


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