June 2003 News

Musharraf assures '100 per cent effort' to end cross-border terror

24 June 2003
The Hindustan Times
TV Parasuram (Press Trust of India)

TV Parasuram (Press Trust of India)Washington: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has assured US President George W Bush that he will make a hundred per cent effort to end cross- border 'incidents' against India. 'Musharraf has committed to a hundred per cent effort at trying to end cross-border incidents,' a senior Bush administration official said briefing reporters on the talks the two leaders held at Camp David on Tuesday. According to the official, Musharraf said he had moved against cross-border infiltration and that he had made sure there were no terrorist camps inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Significantly, neither Bush nor the official used the words 'cross-border terrorism' and instead used 'trans-border infiltration'. The official added that to ask for cross-border terrorism to end completely before there can be dialogue between India and Pakistan will be to give rejectionists a veto over any movement towards peace. When asked specifically whether Bush was willing to mediate on the Kashmir issue, the official said 'We are not getting into that because nobody has asked us yet. When and if the two sides think we have a role to play, we will play that role that the two sides agree on'. The official said the US three billion dollar aid package to Pakistan was conditioned on 'Pakistan working vigorously with the United States in the war against terrorism, working vigorously to ensure that there is no onward proliferation and moving smartly towards democracy.'


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