July 2003 News

Pak Must Abandon Its 'self-destructive War' In Kashmir: Analyst

1 July 2003
The Hindustan Times

Washington DC: Pakistan must abandon its 'self-destructive war' in Kashmir by cutting the relationship between the 'jihadi' elements and the country's military, a Pakistani analyst said here. Because of the conflict over Kashmir, 'it appears Pakistan is unable to provide sustainable livelihood to its citizens.... There is little question that Pakistan must abandon its self-destructive and not-so-covert war in Kashmir,' Pervez Hoodbhoy, Professor of Nuclear and High Energy Physics at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, said in an article in The Wall Street Journal. 'This requires that the symbiotic relationship between jihadis and the Pakistani military be broken,' he said. Hoodbhoy said the extremist and Islamist parties were Talibanizing Pakistan while the madarssas in the country were producing 'jihadi army' to fight in Kashmir. 'The education system is in for free fall. An alliance of extremist Islamist parties has come to power in two of the country's four provinces and is busy Talibanizing Pakistan. 'The incubators of religious extremism, Pakistan's madarssas, continue to produce a jihadi army that fights in Kashmir while simultaneously unleashing death and destruction on Pakistan's religous minorities. He said Pakistan's ploy to 'bleed India' to force it to negotiate on Kashmir had failed and had 'hardened' India's attitude, especially after the Kargil incursion and the September 11 terrorist strikes. There is indication, Hoodbhoy said, that Musharraf was looking for a wayout of the morass and was even willing to listen 'dissenting voices' to resolve the issue.


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