July 2003 News

95 Per Cent Of PoK People Prefer Independence

6 July 2003
The Indian Express

Srinagar: Over 95 per cent of people in a district of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir have opted for independence from Pakistani regime, claims an alliance of political parties formed in that region. According to a release issued by All Parties National Alliance (APNA), in a survey carried out in Rawalakote district of PoK, over 95 per cent of people favoured independence rather than accession to Pakistan. APNA, an amalgam of various political parties in PoK, had earlier announced that it would be holding a phased survey in all the districts in the occupied Kashmir including areas like Gilgit and Baltistan forcibly annexed by Pakistan. The amalgam along with Gilgit-Baltistan National Alliance (GBNA), an amalgam of political parties in Northern Areas, has been demanding its inclusion in the talks between India and Pakistan when the issue of final dispensation of Kashmir issue came. APNA, which has been carrying out the survey with GBNA, criticised the 'puppet' rulers of PoK for coming out with a formula to confuse the Kashmir issue further. 'We reject the Chenab or any other formula which went against the identity, re-unification and independence of Kashmir,' the release said. The Chenab formula was proposed by the so-called Prime Minister of PoK whereby the area North of Chenab would go to Pakistan while the rest would remain with India. They said the Indian Government should allow them to visit Jammu and Kashmir so that an intra-Kashmir dialogue was held with all sections of the people which would in turn help in reaching a solution.


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