July 2003 News

Lone lambastes Gilani as 'threat to pro-Kashmir forces'

8 July 2003
The Daily Times
Zafar Meraj

SRINAGAR: The People's Conference on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the Jamaat-e-Islami leader, Syed Ali Gilani, accusing the firebrand JI leader of being 'the biggest threat to pro-Kashmiri forces'.Party Chairman Sajad Ghani Lone even went to the extent of accusing him of creating 'a vicious atmosphere' that led to the murders of his father and a senior Hurriyat leader, Abdul Gani Lone, on May 21 last year.Mr Geelani has been demanding the party's expulsion from the Hurriyat for having allegedly fielded 'proxy candidates' in last year's assembly elections. Mr Lone said 'Gilani has ensured that statements are issued against us by every possible militant outfit. He has been creating an atmosphere that could lead to the murders of senior People's Conference leaders, including my brother and myself.' He told a press conference on Tuesday that Mr Gilani was 'an ideological nightmare for the Kashmiri struggle and a dream gift for the Indians'. 'His posture has often harmed the Kashmiri cause. His statements are out of tune with the world order. To Gilani Sahib, Kashmir is not the cause but an excuse for posturing some other agenda.' Mr Lone went on 'He is keen to make Kashmir a party on the side of terrorism in the international war on terror. He wants to thrust one more war on Kashmir. The senior Jamaat leader's anti-American rabble will help portray Kashmir as a beneficiary of international terrorism.' He claimed that Mr Gilani's release from prison had been part of an Indian deal to split the Hurriyat. He lashed out at Mr Gilani for signing an affidavit affirming that he was a senior Indian citizen to enable him travel. 'Now if he says somebody has forged his signatures, we are prepared to bear the cost of fighting the forgery in a court of law.'In the most vicious attack on Mr Gilani since he toughened his stance over their expulsion from the Hurriyat, Mr Lone also ridiculed him for accepting pension as a former Kashmir legislator. Dismissing his allegations that the People's Conference had fielded proxies during the assembly elections in Kashmir, Mr Lone said 'Didn't the Gilani faction of the Jamaat openly indulge in tactical voting in the assembly elections?'Our impeccable sources suggest that in south Kashmir this faction tactically voted for the People's Democratic Party led by Mufti Mohammad Syed and in north Kashmir they tactically voted for the National Conference.' With Tuesday's offensive, the war of attrition between the two constituents of the Hurriyat, appears to be heading for a showdown. Mr Lone also distributed the copies of a letter written by his elder brother, Bilal Ghani Lone, who represents the party in the seven-member strong central executive of the Hurriyat Conference and addressed to the chairman of the conglomerate. The seven-page long letter handed over to Abdul Ghani Butt on June 12 was a charge sheet against Mr Gilani with Mr Lone listing 14 charges against him in an attempt to prove the former Hurriyat chairman was anti-Kashmiri. The list of accusations range from Mr Gilani seeking pecuniary and other benefits from the Indian and Pakistani Government such as a coveted government job for his son in the state forest department and admission to one of prestigious medical colleges in Pakistan for another one.


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