July 2003 News

JKLF European Zone members vow complete independence of Jammu Kashmir

9 July 2003
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ISLAMABAD: The European Zone members of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) have re-iterated their resolve to intensify their movement for re-unification and complete independence of their motherland, the divided and trampled Jammu Kashmir State. This resolve was expressed in a resolution adopted by General Council members of the European Zone of JKLF in their meeting held in Paris France. The meeting had been called to elect new Zonal office bearers. Before elections, speeches, presentation of annual report and resolution, the meeting was addressed by Mr. Amanullah Khan, Chairman JKLF by telephone from Rawalpindi in Pakistan. He took stock of the latest situation on national, regional and global level regarding Kashmir issue and apprised his compatriots of new trends, possibilities and apprehensions regarding Kashmir issue and told them to project their political ideology i.e. re-unification and complete idependence of Kashmir, on international level and obtain for it the most needed support of the international community. Before election Mshtaq Pasha, Khawaja Kabir Ahmed, Masood Mir, Ghazanfar Ali and other members addressed the gathering of over 50 General Council Members, Khawaja Kabir presented the Annual Report. The bearers elected for Europe Zone of JKLF for next term in a very cordial atmosphere include; President Malik Mushtaq Pasha (France), Senior Vice-President Diwan Mushtaq (Belgium), Vice-President to be elected from Holland, General Secretary Khawaja Kabir Ahmed (Belgium), Assistant Secretary Tanveer Choudary (Finland), Joint Secretary Khalil Qaiser (Holland), Publicity Secretary Fazil Mughal (Norway), Finance Secretary Mohamad Sharif (Belgium), Zonal organizer M. Saeed Mir. Memembers of Zonal Executive Committee are Raja Hafeezur Rehman (Holland), M. Shabir and M. Ishtiaq (Belgium), Dr. Arif Kasana (Sweden) and President and General Secretary (to be elected) of Holland Branch whereas Showkat and M. Aliyas (Spain), Sardar Muzamil Adil, Choudary Ameer and Choudary Zia-ul-Haq (France), Mohammad Altaf (Portugal) and Mohammad Zubair (Italy) were elected as members of Zonal Working Committee. The United Kingdom which has a separate Zonal setup is not included in Europe zone of JKLF.- foot();


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