July 2003 News

Pakistan, Only Option For Kashmiris, Says Ibrahim

10 July 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Palandri: Former President Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) AJK Khalid Ibrahim Khan has said that Kashmiris would not accept any option but accession with Pakistan by implementing on their right to self-determination . The contents of resolution passed on July 19, 1947, elaborated the accession of Kashmiris with Pakistan and their determination to achieve the right to self-determination, he said talking to the journalists at a local rest house here on Thursday. 'It will be unjust to talk about the options for resolving Kashmir dispute as the believers in those resolutions of self-determination have their way to struggle and go forward,' he said . 'The Muslims of state commenced their struggle following those resolutions that primarily lead to the liberation of Azad Kashmir and it will lead to the liberation of entire occupied region,' he added . He further said the right of self-determination was among the basic human rights of the natives of Kashmir and this right could not be denied anymore. He informed that his party was organising a procession on 19th of this month in Rawalpindi, which will be concluded at United Nations office where a memorandum would be submitted.


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