July 2003 News

The Drug-connection

13 July 2003
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: The capture of a police vehicle with a police man in tow, in the very act of transferring a huge quantity of poppy husk to outside the State is the latest blot besmearing the face of the State police. It comes at a time when the police could earn encomiums for solving the second important murder case in the valley within a month. Indeed, the news of the capture of the police truck and the arrest of the killer of PDP MLA from Pulwama comes simultaneously. One is a strong showing by the police and other a despicable fact that threatens to reveal even more extensive involvement of the police department in the nefarious drug trade. Here, the solid achievements of the police department are being shadowed by a shabby face every force can do without. In a State, caught in high tension terrorism and large-scale sabotages it becomes even more ominous. So it becomes an important question to ask how the two seemingly opposed facets of the same police department reflect on its working and standing. For one thing it is clear that the department is getting much more active. Could one say that the saboteurs and black sheep within are finding no quarter and are getting arraigned regularly? It may be a little too early to say that but the portents are not all disheartening. Capture of the Kupwara policemen was a singular feat. It was also set to reveal more invidious involvement but after the initial spurt it has petered out. Could that indicate a capping up of the further disclosures? The unnecessary furor in the assembly in the rare act of transparency was not exactly an encouragement to the ethos of openness. Transparency and openness are the only guarantees of accountability. Nor may the police be chided unnecessarily over the so-called nexuses. Those nexuses are so well known that they are taken as almost the 'normal' mode of its working. They, of course, shouldn't be. There is a dire need of unearthing all nexuses, revealing all cozy connections, so that the force that is charged to maintain law and order is forced to keep to order and accountability.


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