July 2003 News

Kashmiris Should Be Part Of Outgoing Delegation To India: Qayyum

15 July 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Muzaffarabad: Former Prime Minister of Muslim Conference, Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Tuesday said Kashmiris needed to demonstrate prudence rather than emotions at critical juncture in the liberation movement . ' Instead of only one proposal many proposals could be considered' said Sardar Qayyum while addressing a symposium in Kashmir Academy held in connection with Youme Shauhda-e Kashmir . He said Kashmiris were the true and principal party to Kashmir issue and predicted that results of dialogue would not be productive if Kashmiris were not included in the delegation going to India. ' Kashmiri representation in the delegation would help establish ambience of trust and confidence in the region.' He expressed the hope that exchange of delegations between India and Pakistan would help reduce tension between the two nuclear neighbours. He commended the role of Kashmir Academy in highlighting Kashmir issue and said like other institutions Kashmir Academy had played its role in projecting Kashmir issue . He urged India to take practical steps in order to achieve some progress on this count .


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