July 2003 News

Accession Day rallies across Kashmir

19 July 2003
The Nation
Roshan Mughal

MUZAFFARABAD: Prime minister sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan has said that independent Jammu and Kashmir is not viable economically and accession to whole state to Pakistan is the only option for kashmiris to survive. He demanded of Pakistan to stop India from unprovoked shelling upon the civilian population of AJK. Addressing a rally organized by Kashmir Liberation cell on the occasion of Day of the adaptation of resolution for Kashmir's accession to Pakistan here at civil secretariat premier said, 'there is no any solution of Kashmir dispute but its accession to Pakistan because Kashmir cannot survive independently'. MNA and former minister EjazulHaq, senior minister Mumtaz Gillnai, MLA Nooren Arif, Raja Abdul Qayyum, and scholar professor Taqdees Gillani also addressed the rally. 'I demanded of Pakistan to asked India why she was resorting to unprovoked shelling upon the AJK civilian from across the LOC day in and day out when she (India) on other hand normalizing ties with Pakistan' he said. 'shelling upon the AJK civilians be stopped. What is cause the cause it when high commissioners have taken over their jobs in Dehli and Islamabad and bus service has been resumed'. Premier added that three to four innocent civilians are being killed in AJK every day by Indian shelling . Prime minister said around 2,00,000. people have been displaced from their home owing to cross LOC aggression on the civilians of AJK. APP adds: Sikandar was of the view Pakistan is in fact guarantee to the better future of Kashmiris that is why the Kashmiri people have been making unprecedented sacrifices for the supreme cause of freedom and Pakistan. AJK Premier paid glowing tributes to the valiant people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir for making tremendous sacrifices for the completion of their mission i.e. to get rid of Indian subjugation and State's accession to Pakistan. He said Kashmiris have very strong cultural, geographical and religious bonds, love and affection with Pakistan, which, he added, could not be separated, since Kashmiris were an inseparable component of Pakistan. Speakers on the occasion fully supported the Kashmir policy of President General Pervez Musharraf and termed it according to the wishes of Kashmiri people. Senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Ejaz ul Haq in his address said Kashmiri were not alone in this hour of trial as the whole Pakistani nation was at their back. He paid rich tributes to the Kashmiri people for their firm resolve and commitment and for offering large scale sacrifices for freedom. PML-Z leader said only dialogues were the proper way to solve this oldest issue according to aspirations of Kashmiri people. He lauded President General Pervez Musharraf for adopting clear-cut and unequivocal stand on Kashmir saying we fully appreciate his stand on Kashmir. The APHC convenor Syed Yousaf Nasim stressed the need for the expression of complete solidarity at this important turning point of the Kashmir freedom movement. He said Kashmiris and Pakistanis were one and the same, as they cannot be separated from each other. He was of the view that there has been recognition at world level about the Kashmiri struggle due to sacrifices of Kashmiri people in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and AJK people on the ceasefire line and of course due to President General Pervez Musharraf's firm and decisive policy on Kashmir which he said no power can neglect this reality, he added. He said we the Kashmiri people fully endorse the Kashmir policy of the President Musharraf. Earlier, a resolution was adopted in the meeting in which the people reaffirmed and reiterated their resolve to continue struggle till the achievement of goal i.e. freedom of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and whole State's accession with Pakistan.


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