July 2003 News

Majid Dar's Widow Calls For Peace In Kashmir

25 July 2003
News Network International

Srinagar: Slain former chief operational commander of Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen Abdul Majeed Dar's wife Dr Shameema Bano stepped into her late husband's shoes and said gun has played its role and it is now time to make peace and fight a political battle. Dr Bano floated a non-government organization 'Majid Dar Foundation For Peace and Rehabilitation' to help the victims of violence, Kashmir Times reported. Addressing a press conference here, Dr Bano demanded an end to the violence and said peace is need of the hour. 'We do not want more widows and more orphans. Peace is a need of the hour and an end to violence is the call of the Kashmir people. It is the call of young widows like me and orphans who have lost their near and dear ones in the decade long turmoil', she said. Dr Bano appealed all the people to join her in her effort for peace and keep the legacy of her late husband alive. 'We want peace with honour and dignity for the Kashmiri people', she said. She also stated that it was desire of her late husband to help the innocent sufferers by getting involved in the field of social work, to help widows, orphans, people affected by violence and negligence of any sort. 'I am not a politician, I am a young widow with two young children to look after, like many other unfortunate Kashmiri women who have lost their husbands, their fathers their children in the decade lone militancy', she said and added that peace has become a dream and every Kashmiri's longing. 'Once a paradise the valley has changed into living hell. All around there is a grief and sorrow, miseries and mishap. The number of widows and orphans, handicapped and frustrated people is increasing with every passing day. In this atmosphere, people are craving for peace', he said.


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