July 2003 News

US envoy warns Pakistan of 'consequences'

26 July 2003
The News International

NEW DELHI: The US ambassador to India has warned of unspecified consequences if Pakistan fails to end incursions by militants into held Kashmir. Ambassador Robert Blackwill told the New Delhi Television channel that Pakistan-based militants continue to cross the border despite a pledge by President Pervez Musharraf to end the problem.'The problem persists ... There are still terrorists coming across the Line of Control,' Blackwill said in an interview, excerpts of which were broadcast on Saturday. He said Washington is working hard to ensure Pakistan keeps its promise, made last year to the United States. 'Commitments to the American president ought to be kept,' he said.When asked what would happen if Pakistan failed to comply, Blackwill said: 'Of course there are consequences.' He did not elaborate. There was no immediate reaction from the Pakistani or Indian governments to the remark, made as Blackwill was winding up a two-year stint as ambassador to India.Blackwill said he will always 'regret' that 'terrorism' in held Kashmir, 'emanating from Pakistan,' did not end during his tenure in New Delhi. He leaves his post within the next few days.


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