July 2003 News

Ammanullah Condemns US Legislators For Biased Bill On Kashmir

31 July 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Rawalpindi: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Ammanullah Khan has strongly condemned the US legislators who, through a bill submitted in the US Congress, have termed Indian Occupied Kashmir as India, Azad Kashmir as Pakistan and Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists. He also strongly demanded the US government to take strong action against the congressmen for grossly violating the 56-year-old stand of United States and the international community on Kashmir issue just to please and appease India. If the US government did not take due action against the said legislators, it would rightly be understood that the US government, especially President Bush himself is behind the ill-conceived move, Ammanullah Khan said . Elaborating the matter the JKLF Chief said that a number of pro-India legislators were introducing a bill in the US Congress making it binding on US President to issue a certificate before releasing the annual instalments of the US aid of three billion dollars announced during Pakistan Presidents visit to the US towards the end of June 2003. The certificate should confirm, the bill provides, that Pakistan had closed all camps of terrorists in Pakistan and Pakistan-held Kashmir, that Pakistan had totally stopped infiltration of Islamic terrorists into India through the Line of Control (LoC) and that Pakistan had stopped supply of weapons of mass destruction and technology about them to other countries or to terrorists. The bill provides that unless the President issues the certificate, the annual instalment of the grant should not be released . Ammanullah Khan said the language of the bill was most derogatory towards Kashmir and Kashmiris. The contents of the proposed certificate imply as if Pakistan was a colony or occupied State of the United States .


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