August 2003 News

Jamali Asks India To Sacrifice More For Settlement Of Kashmir

3 August 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Jamali has announced in unequivocal terms that India has occupied major part of Kashmir, therefore, it will have to render more sacrifice for resolution of this issue. 'Major part of Kashmir is under the occupation of India, therefore, it will have to give more concessions and more sacrifices for settlement of this long standing dispute', Jamali said in a BBC programme entitled 'Aap kee bat, BBC kay sath (your opinion with BBC) ', on Sunday night. Hinting at the prospective Pak-India talks he said that he enjoys full backing of army and the opposition for resumption of dialogue process with India. 'I had talked with all opposition parties ahead of extending invitation to Vajpayee. All the opposition leaders have assured their full support to me in this respect', he added. So far as the hawks are concerned, they are in both the countries. Both the sides know these elements well and I do not like to repeat name of any one of them. Tracing back to the initiation of the ongoing peace moves, he said that following the statement of Indian Prime Minister, Vajpayee in Srinagar, 'I talked to him by telephone and extended him invitation. I clearly told him that he should come to Pakistan and if it is not possible then I am ready to visit India'. Jamali went on to say that the talks' process is moving forward. 'High commissioners have been appointed. Bus service has been revived. Both the countries will hold meeting on revival of air links on August 27. A lot has yet to be done to take the talks to its logic end', he insisted. He maintained that mere announcements would not work. Both the countries will have to take firm steps. Mere the Srinagar speech will not serve the purpose, He held that delay in revival of air links is being caused on our part but it is being witnessed from India. I understand it well if the intent is good, then the dialogue process can be moved forward', he remarked . Citing to the people aspirations, he said that the masses have pinned high hopes on the success of the talks. In the past the people reaction was not different from today. However every time they had to be disappointed. I believe that this time the situation will be encouraging, he hoped. On the cross the border infiltration, he said that he said that Pakistan has a clear policy in this regard. We don't believe in dual policy. No infiltration is being made from Pakistani side, he added. It is not our policy, he announced . He made it clear that Kashmir is a core issue and this issue will remain focus of the talks between India and Pakistan. Pakistan believes in peace and we have no intent to go for war. Commenting on initiation of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service, he said that the way talks process is moving ahead between the both the sides, this can be possible to be materialised. Dismissing any religious factionalism among the army he said that there is no such organisation in army.


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