August 2003 News

Communalizing Kishtwar

4 August 2003
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: Particularly as the VDC's too had almost given up on them due their ammunition having exhausted. They flock to the nearest safe place. That strait is something few in this State are unaware of. Indeed, there are few who have not faced a variation of the situation themselves. Yet it does not seem to move all the people. The administration is not quite responsive either though by now it should have become well acquainted with these plights and aught to be ready to redress as much of the grievances as they can, as best as possible. In any case they should be particularly careful not to let the situation go out of hand. The peaceful citizens of this State persecuted by the marauding mercenaries should not be forced to mount demonstration to get the state machinery moving. Yet they often have to cry and clamor for succor and safety. The State has been inhumanly cold to the plight of these people. One partner in the present coalition Government had to move the Supreme Court to get them the paltry relief that they should have got as a matter of routine. Apparently being a part of the government does not help there! Or, else the administration has a mind and opinion of its own. And, a section of the populace seems to love its own construction on the travails of the people hounded out of homes. It, indeed, is a most heartless attitude to have. Yet people fleeing the blows and bullets of the terrorists have to mount heavy demonstrations before the Government wakes to their hardships. Along the way they also have to bear the lathis of an administration. And, suffer the hatred of sections of people who fail to see the persecution of their fellows, or refuse to be sympathetic to the plight of people luckless enough to be caught in the path of the terrorists, ill-fated enough to live in the vicinity of terrorist hideouts. It is also said that the Government has 'decided' to 'discourage' migrations, as if migrations bore no relation to the situation on the ground and needed only to be 'discouraged' to be prevented. Such a policy was actually followed towards the Nadimarg victims. Kishtwar shows they are not the only ones to suffer it. No ostrich who buried its head into sand was so stupid; few animals in the jungle would be as callous as the healing Government appears here!


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