August 2003 News

MC Issues White Paper On PP-AJK

9 August 2003
News Network International

Muzaffarabad: Muslim Conference Saturday issued its 'white paper' on what it said the misdeeds of the People's Party, during its government in the Azad Kashmir. The paper was issued by the central leader of the Muslim Conference, Riaz Zargar. He said the PPP-AJK government had incurred a loss of Rs 2 billion to the state exchequer via corruption and malpractices in certain departments and embezzlements. Elaborating, Zargar said the departments where the embizzlemts had taken place included public works department, electric supply, local government, health, education, Auqaf, Jagran Hydle Power Station and the forest and AKLAS. He said the record shows that huge financial irregularities had taken place on the name of paper plans and schemes. The plans and schemes only existed on files but not practically. He alleged the then PP-AJK rulers collected gratifications form the teachers recruited under the 'education package.' He added the ex-ministers of the PPP had accumulated huge assets through corrupt practices. The local government institutions, he said were ruined as appointments were made in them in violation of merit and rules. 'The PPP had given golden opportunities to the 'Jilas' by naming them as administrators.' Zargar maintained that Rs 180 million were spent on the Liberation of Kashmir Movement; and lots of money was spent on the foreign visits of the then rulers, who preferred personal publicity than the Kashmir cause.


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