September 2003 News

'Kashmir uprising indigenous'

4 September 2003
The Daily Times

ISLAMABAD: The revealing existence of 'no go zones' in the thick forests of the Jammu region supports the Pakistani point of view that the movement is indigenous, reports the Janes Intelligence Review (JIR).These zones are used as 'safe havens' by Kashmiri freedom fighters to launch operations against the Indian army in the valley.These areas are known to have been established for at least the last four years and their recent acknowledgement by Indian authorities have initiated a blame game between the Indian army, the Research Analysis Wing and the newly instituted the Defence Intelligence Agency.These 'no go areas' locally referred to as 'liberated', house the command and control centres and training camps of the several Kashmiri militant groups.According to the JIR, despite the Indian army's widespread presence in the area, militants openly buy large quantities of supplies from the nearby markets and engage local porters to transporting these to their camps.The JIR observed that by admitting the existence of such a large number of militant camps inside Indian-held Kashmir for such a long period, the army has in fact vindicated the Pakistani leadership's insistence that Pakistan is not involved in sponsoring militancy and that the freedom movement in the valley is indigenously inspired and sustained. -APP


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