September 2003 News

Peace only after resolving Kashmir, says Benazir

5 September 2003
The Daily Times
Staff Report

LAHORE: Pakistan People's Party Chairperson Benazir Bhutto on Friday said the Defence Day 'is a memorable one as it was on this day that the people of Pakistan defeated the aggressor by forging an unprecedented unity among their ranks'.'The day will also remind us of the brave resistance put up by our valiant armed forces in thwarting the aggressive and expansionist designs of our enemy,' she said in her message.'September 6 should also serve to remind the world that a lasting peace in the region can be achieved only when the Kashmir issue is resolved in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people and with the UN resolutions,' she added.She said 'It is indeed most unfortunate that at a time when we badly need the international support the ill-conceived policies of the regime have isolated Pakistan from the international community. To undo this damage, the regime must stop the witch-hunt of popular politicians and let parliament be independent.'The international community must also recognise its responsibility towards finding a resolution to the Kashmir dispute in a region which is armed with nuclear weapons. We are proud of our armed forces. On this day, our thoughts also go to those who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in peace and honour.'Musharraf scared of addressing assemblies Punjab Assembly opposition leader Qasim Zia on Friday said President Pervez Musharraf was afraid of addressing parliamentarians, as he knew that he was a non-elected president and deprived of public support.Talking to newsmen here, he said the president's address to the treasury benches of the Punjab Assembly was useless because members of the treasury benches could not resolve the issues faced by Mr Musharraf.He said the country was being run on a presidential form of government because all powers rested on the president. Mr Zia said the government's days were numbered and his party was preparing for new elections. He said the opposition would not compromise on the Legal Framework Order (LFO) issue and continue protesting within and outside assemblies.Asked if his party was preparing to launch an agitation against the government, he said a decision in this regard would be made on instructions by party heads.


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