September 2003 News

US Kashmir Policy Stays Intact: Pak

9 September 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Pakistan has said that there has been no shift in US policy on Kashmir issue and it still upholds a solution to the issue which stems from the will of Kashmiri people. Talking to British Broadcasting Corporation here Tuesday, Foreign Office spokesman Masood Khan said that Pakistan is very much concerned over growing defence ties between India and Israel. Our concern flows from two reasons. India has been giving impression for some time back that it will target Muslims and Arab after improving relations with Israel. Spokesman went on to say that India is procuring sophisticated weapons from Israel. ' We are beset with fears that these weapons will be used against Pakistan and innocent Kashmiris', he added. The spokesman recalling the statement of Indian premier given by him during his visit to China said that Vajpayee had announced in categorical terms that no dispute runs between India and China. This situation gives rise to logical conclusion that India will use these weapons against the smaller countries of south Asia particularly Pakistan. Spokesman held that there is delicate difference in the balance of conventional and non-conventional weapons in South Asia. No one should be allowed to upset this balance, he stressed. Citing to joint military manoeuvres between US and India the spokesman said that India could conduct these exercises in Banglore, Aagra, Allaska and anywhere it wills. However when it carries out these exercises in held Kashmir it will affect the disputed status of the region as the occupied Kashmir is disputed territory in the light of UN resolutions. Responding to a question he said that US have not changed its Kashmir policy and it still wants the resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspirations of people of Kashmir.


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