September 2003 News

JKLF Terms Misunderstanding Within APHC Most Unfortunate

16 September 2003
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New York: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front - JKLF Diplomatic chapter has viewed the current misunderstanding within All Parties Hurriyat Conference most unfortunate. In a joint statement issued by its senior leaders in overseas Farooq Papa convenior of CDB in Canada, Executive members of Central Diplomatic Buro of JKLF Raja Muzaffar and Usman Raheem in United States of America and Barister Majeed Tramboo in United Kingdom said, that JKLF, under the leadership of its Chairman Yasin Malik has extensively, over the past few days, deliberated upon the Hurriyat saga within the organization. Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, as the pioneer of the on-going liberation movement, is mindful of the huge sacrifices made by the people of Jammu & Kashmir for liberating their territory from the Indian occupied forces. In doing so, Kashmiris have massively invested in the present struggle in terms of their lives, honor and dignity. The tremendous sacrifices, over the years, made by the Kashmiris has taken the issue of Kashmir out of the cold storage to a stage where international community has come to realize the need and importance of its solution. It is now recognized and accepted as one of the major unresolved conflicts endangering regional peace and security. The JKLF leader said that powerful and important governments and governmental organizations are now engaged in the Kashmir dispute making India to feel the heat so as to resolve the Kashmir dispute pursuant to the wishes of the people of Kashmir. It has also to be recognized that All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), a coalition of 25 political and human rights organizations, on account of our sacred movement, came into existence to lead the liberation movement with the purpose to put forward one voice. Whatsoever is the reason and rationale underlying this unfortunate situation, JKLF believes that it has undoubtedly, potential to harm the Kashmir cause beyond description. But at the same time it has surfaced some bitter facts. India is always, because of various pulls and pressures, in search of some newer faces to create an impression in the international community of political 'normalcy' in the occupied territory. Therefore, the Kashmiri leadership is subject to vulnerability. They said JKLF and indeed, the Kashmiri leadership cannot simply forgo the ruthless atrocities, excesses and draconian tactics of genocidal proportions which India is pursuing to douse the flame of the liberation movement within Kashmir. India has trampled down, in Kashmir, beneath her military powers all the norms of civility and the principles of its so called democracy. While JKLF watches the current 'happenings' with dismay and disappointment but it is not oblivious to the supreme sacrifices of the people and the sacred cause of liberation. JKLF therefore, has decided to initiate a process for 'functional unity' within the Hurriyat coalition. The envisaged unity shall be based on clarity and vision with an agenda to further the liberation cause. The Chairman of the JKLF Yasin Malikhas been mandated to make a sincere and serious effort to achieve the functional unity thereby resolving the existing confusion by taking into confidence all the concerned parties, the statement said. JKLF will keep a stern watch on the developments and it will not allow abusing the national cause of the Kashmiris at this critical juncture.-


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