September 2003 News

India playing dangerous games in Pak, Kashmir: Musharraf

20 September 2003
The Hindustan Times
Press Trust of India

Islamabad: Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has accused India of playing 'dangerous' games in Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan, which could provoke Pakistani retaliation and raise the spectre of a nuclear conflict.'They must know that we can retaliate in a big way and they should know that,' Musharraf told a Canadian newspaper Toronto Star in an interview published on Saturday.'They (Indians) should never presume that they can do things and they can go unchecked,' he said adding that the 'risk of full-fledged conflict with India can never be ruled out in South Asia'.However, he denied that Pakistan is planning a nuclear war against India. 'No sane person can ever sit and plan that there will be a nuclear confrontation... We must never even think of that, he said in his characteristic blow hot, blow cold style.'However, what is dangerous is whether there will be a conflict between India and Pakistan which can then lead on to a nuclear exchange,' he said in the interview, published ahead of Musahrraf's visit to Canada on September 25.Musharraf also warned that Islamic extremists were perverting their faith by waging reckless holy wars across the globe. He accused religious militants of 'violating Islamic tenets' and called on fellow Muslims at the highest level to renounce terrorist acts perpetrated in the name of their religion.


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