September 2003 News

Pak still aiding militants in J&K, says US report

21 September 2003
The Hindustan Times
S Rajagopalan

New York: 'Pakistan, a troubled ally,' headlined a New York Times editorial on the day when Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf was winging his way to New York for the UN General Assembly session and a meeting with President George W Bush.What the paper said would hardly be music to the ears of the general and his claims about Pakistan making a break with its support to terrorist outfits masquerading as freedom fighters.'General Musharraf has failed to sever links with international terrorism. Pakistan still provides Kashmiri terrorists with sanctuary and access to areas bordering Indian territory. Wresting Kashmir away from India remains an open goal of Pakistani policy, with violence considered a legitimate tool,' the paper commented.It had a message for President George W. Bush as well: 'Fighting terrorism effectively requires allies untainted by terror.' Bush will be meeting both Musharraf and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Wednesday.Musharraf himself has given every indication that he will go firing on all cylinders. He will have a packed schedule and that, as in his previous outings here, will include a series of interviews to leading print and electronic media networks.On the eve of his New York visit, he has sought to put the entire onus once again on India, saying New Delhi was 'playing games' and dragging its feet on resumption of dialogue.'They are trying to buy time, and they are insincere. They don't want to address the Kashmir dispute. Now if this is what they are doing, it's very dangerous,' he told the Toronto Star in an interview. 'Never! We can never normalise ties with India without addressing the Kashmir dispute.'The Pakistani camp has sought to flaunt its president's 'anti-terrorism credentials' by making repeated references to one of his engagements in New York: the international conference on fighting terrorism, where Musharraf is to deliver the keynote address.


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