September 2003 News

Walker's Statement On Kashmir Terrorism His Shortsightedness: Pak

26 September 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Pakistan on Friday slammed British Chief of Defence Staff General Walker's statement on terrorism in Kashmir as unthinkable and said what ever General Walker has said was his 'shortsightedness' on Kashmir issue. Foreign Office spokesman Masud Khan observed this while talking to BBC Urdu Service. He said that it is really unbelievable for government of Pakistan that Chief of British Armed force has related freedom struggle in Kashmir with the acts of terrorism of their neighborhood in Northern Ireland. We can not imagine that army head of responsible country could relate both these issues in same paradigm, as United Nation after recognizing the Kashmir issue as disputed has passed many resolution in this regard, he held. Now this statement is clearly against the resolutions of UN and we believe that general Walker should take initiative and ask India to relieve Kashmir from its clutches, he maintained. And I personally consider that General Walker lacked intelligence in the way he had in Iraq situation, he observed. I don't believe that even United States and United Kingdom being closest ally of Pakistan will comply with General Walker's statement, as we are major ally of UK and US in their fight against terrorism, he added. Referring to recent joint army exercises of US and India in Saichin foreign office spokesman also mentioned that if India and US will hold joint military campaigns on Indian soil than Pakistan will have no concern but if such exercises were carried out in Indian held Kashmir than this situation will simply nullify UN resolutions.


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