September 2003 News

China earmarks $6m for KKH

28 September 2003
The Daily Times

BEIJING: The Chinese government has set aside six million dollars for the rehabilitation of the Karakorum Highway.Chinese engineers and the Frontiers Works Organisation have already begun repairing the existing bridges on the highway. Official sources told APP in Beijing the governments of Pakistan and China also decided to mark the 25th anniversary of the highway's construction, falling this year.Pakistan Post Office will issue special stamps of various denominations on October 1. The Chinese government will issue envelopes inscribed with highway's insignia. The two sides have prepared some special programmes to commemorate the anniversary. The China Central Television has planned to telecast a one-hour documentary on the highway. The highway was built through some highly mountainous terrain and completed in 1978 by the government with Chinese assistance at a cost of $3 billion.An estimated 25,000 people worked and 1,300 died during the construction. The 1,300-kilometer long highway stretching from Islamabad to Kashgar in China has opened travel opportunities for both nations. -APP


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