September 2003 News

ISI Revives LoC Bases To Push In Over 1,600 Into India

28 September 2003
The Asian Age

Jammu: In a bid to step up militancy in a big way in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence has revived support bases along the Line of Control and the international border, closed in the aftermath of September 11, from where around 1,600 trained terrorists are set to infiltrate into India, top security sources said on Sunday. Most of the militancy support setup, including 12 special operational intelligence units, 13 launching pads and 25 arms training camps, have been revived in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan in the past three months, the sources said. Around 1,560 to 1,615 trained militants, including 20 suicide squads, are set to cross over into the country from these bases, the sources said, citing intelligence reports. Revival of these bases is of concern to the security establishment here as these units and launch pads, closed after the September 11 attacks on the US, are the main support system to highly-trained militants for infiltration, sabotage activities and identification of specific targets, they said. 'These ISI bases were responsible for attacks on over 40 border outposts and forward defence locations along the LoC and IB with the help of armed militants before the September 11 terror strikes in the US,' the sources said. According to intelligence reports, of the 1,600 militants set to be pushed into India, 1,110 to 1,140 were in 21 camps and launching pads along the LoC and 450 to 475 others in four bases along the international border. The special unit bases have been set up at Bagh, Kahuta, Hazira, Goi, Jandro, Nikia, Sensa, Mirpur, Khuiratta, Saman, Zafarwal and Sialkote Forward, it said, while the launching pads are at Bhimber, Bindi, Samani, Marar, Shakergarh, Dhallapur, Manana, Nikial, Goi, Sensa, Hajira, Ralaur and Garnun opposite Kathua in the Jammu-Rajouri-Poonch sector. The report said 300-310 militants were in the Chirat-Kahuta-Goi area and 150-155 in the Sensa-Kotli-Nakial belt opposite Poonch. The report has been brought to the notice of the US government as evidence of Pakistan's continuing direct involvement in militancy in Jammu and Kashmir and its efforts to revive the terrorist support setup closed after the September 11 attacks. (PTI)


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