September 2003 News

Kashmiri delegation for British Labour Party support for early settlement of Kashmir conflict

30 September 2003
News Network International

LONDON: Kashmiri delegation lobbies British Labour Party annual conference in support of an early settlement of the Kashmir conflict. A Five-member delegation of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK lobbied the Labour Party Annual Conference participants for firm support in the settlement of the Kashmir conflict. Kashmiri delegation headed by Mohammad Ghalib, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, consisted of Syed Munwar Mashadi Patron, North Zone President, Choudhry Mohammad Yasin and TK members Shabir Hussain, Mohammed Ramzan and Birmingham Branch President Ch Munir Hussain. The Kashmiri delegation handed a letter from the TK to Labour Party delegates at the Annual Conference urging the Labour Government to pressurise India to implement UN Resolutions on Kashmir. It said that the British Labour Government of the day, in the spirit of UN resolutions on Kashmir, did not leave the people of Kashmir in a quandary. The resolutions provided the best possible mechanism of freely ascertaining the wishes of the Kashmiri people as to their political future in a plebiscite conducted under UN supervision. 'Britain's Labour Party had continued with its call for peaceful settlement of the Kashmir conflict. And in its resolution adopted unanimously at the 1995 annual conference, it fully upheld the right of the Kashmiri people to self-determination and had urged for a settlement acceptable to the people of Kashmir. 'Prime Minister Tony Blair just before assuming office had said that Britain has responsibility for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir conflict, in which wishes of the Kashmiri people be freely ascertained, since as he put it, Kashmir is the legacy of the British Empire', the letter said. However, Kashmiri wishes were never ascertained despite 55 years of the passing of these resolutions. The reason India's obdurate policy of not honoring them. It continues to hold on to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in illegal occupation. The UN resolutions had unambiguously rejected Indian pleas for the state's accession to India., the letter said. It said that horrible human rights abuses perpetrated by Indian occupation forces on the Kashmiri people included the killing of 80,000 Kashmiri men, women and children. The letter stressed that India is engaged in state terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir, and to hide its crimes against Kashmiri humanity does not allow world's human rights and humanitarian organizations to monitor human rights abuses and to render humanitarian assistance to victims of Indian atrocities. The TK letter called for Great Britain and other world powers in the war on terrorism, to take their fight against to all forms of terrorism, particularly against India's state terrorism in Kashmir. The letter urged the delegates to implement party policy on Kashmir and influence the government to exert political and diplomatic pressure on India to stop forthwith the ongoing genocide of the Kashmiri people obtain speedy withdrawal of 700,000 Indian occupation troops induct UN plebiscite administrator secure the earliest holding of plebiscite under UN auspices and boycott Indian goods campaign for arms embargo and economic sanction against India.


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