October 2003 News

NAB Should Check Financial Embezzlement In Kashmir Cell: Aijaz Afzal

1 October 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Rawalpindi: Amir Jama'at Islami Sardar Aijaz Afzal Khan has asked the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to check the financial embezzlement of Rs 560 million in Kashmir Liberation Cell as well as Al-Mujahid Force by former AJK Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan . Talking to Online here on Wednesday, Amir of JI said that the Jama'at is not claiming champion of Jehad but the workers of Jama'at prefer to die instead of returning without fulfilling their original cause . 'It is humiliating and disheartening for the former Prime Minister as he was charged sheet by the sitting Prime Minister, Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan, the then AJK President', Mr. Afzal added as it is on the record . President Gen. Musharraf in his recently address in the UN just mentioning and repeating the history of Kashmir is not enough for the struggle, but practical and concrete steps should be taken to pressurize Vajpayee government for the settlement of Kashmir issue, which is long-standing on UN charter, he said . The champion of human rights and torchbearer of international peace are falling prey to double standard to resolve the contentious issues like Kashmir and Palestine, Aijaz Afzal Khan said . Despite being equipped with modern and sophisticated weapons, Indian force has failed to keep law and order, protect the lives and property of the people of valley, as Indian contingent conveys are attacked by the Mujahideen every day, he said . Responding to a question, he said that attempts are being made to create differences among Kashmiris and Pakistanis, but the Mujahideen should put aside all such rumors to continue the struggle . Sardar Aijaz Afzal expressed his concern over the killings of Kashmiris by the law enforcement agencies and said that such incidents would not deter the youths from achieving their ultimate goal of self-determination .


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