October 2003 News

Protest Arrangements Against AJK President Finalized

3 October 2003
News Network International

London: Najib Afsar chairing well attended meeting of Anti Mangla Dam Extension Action Committee held on 2nd October 2003, in the City of Birmingham told the committee that all arrangements have been finalized for the proposed protests across UK against the visiting President of Interim Jammu Kashmir Authority, Sardar Anwar Khan. He went on to state that every event, every meeting, every where he visit he will have to face the protest from angry Kashmiris whose home's and grave's of loved ones are being submerged under water by the government of Pakistan forcefully and illegally under the international law. Despite huge protests in Kashmir and in Europe by the affectee's against the proposed forced extension of Mangla Dam, the Pakistani government is adamant to extended the Dam without any consultation or any feasibility report, Najib Afsar briefed the meeting that mass rally was organized in Mirpur covering three area's Mirpur, Chaksawari and Dadyal, the rally commence from Mangla and concluded in Dadyal with ten's of thousands people participating with no affect on the government of Pakistan. The venues for the meetings are being kept secret by the Pakistani government in fear of the protests by the Anti Mangla Dam Extension Action Committee. The president refused his host for Public meetings but agreed to backroom meetings involving only dozens of has loyal supporters as reported by a source close to the president. The committee is actively involved to locate these backroom arrangements and send their supporters to stage protests at a moments notice. The reception given by Bradford City Council will be well attended by the protesters, Najib Afsar challenged the president to hold public in UK and then see the protests by the people, ducking and diving and holding meeting of his supporter any one can do this, even President Saddam hold such meetings despite the full military might of US in Iraq, if the government of Pakistan is convince that the proposal is in the best interest our people and that their is no resistance then I ask General Anwar Khan or any leader from Pakistan to hold a public meeting in UK without meeting angry protesters. The meeting was concluded on the note that visit of President Anwar Khan to fool Kashmiri people will not be allowed and that every event will be picketed in heavy force by the supporters of Anti Mangla Dam Extension Action Committee.


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