October 2003 News

World Urged To Distinguish Between Freedom Struggle, Terrorism

6 October 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Srinagar: Kashmiri women activist Farida Bahan Jee urged international community to differentiate between freedom struggles and terrorist movements. 'United Nations and world powers will have to prove its credibility through recognising freedom movements of locals against oppressive regimes in various parts of the world as their legitimate right', she said in statement issued here Monday. Kashmiri people, she said, are still looking towards United Nations for the implementation of its resolutions passed for the amicable resolution of Kashmir imbroglio. 'Kashmiris have to put up arms against Indian forces as the international bodies failed to listen to their concerns regarding Indian brutalities against them', she said . UN apathy and Indian obstinacy, she said, are the major impediments in resolution of Kashmir dispute. Kashmiri leader urged them to do away with their present attitude to remove prime hindrance in order to attain peace and stability in South Asian region .


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