October 2003 News

US, EU Urged To Facilitate Negotiations On Kashmir

9 October 2003
News Network International

Brussels: The Executive Director of Kashmiri American Council, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai has urged the United States and European Union to help resolve the lingering Kashmir issue. He was addressing the Kashmir Conference organized by the International Council of Human Rights in Brussels, KMS reported. He said, Kashmir issue involves the life and future of 13 million people of the land. Because of its impact on relations between India and Pakistan, it directly effects the peace and stability of the South Asian sub-continent, he said. He maintained that due to Indian obduracy and world apathy, the issue remained unresolved so far, otherwise, the dispute was not insoluble. He said, Kashmir issue can be resolved only in accordance with the will of the people, which can be ascertained through free and impartial plebiscite, guaranteed by United Nations Security Council resolutions and prominently championed by the United States, Britain and other democratic states. He urged the United States and the European Union to support Kashmiris get their birth right. He also urged them to facilitate negotiations on Kashmir because bilateral talks in past have failed to produce any results.


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