October 2003 News

Pakistan Fomented The Hurriyat Split

12 October 2003
The Daily Excelsior
Yogendra Bali

Jammu: The strange concord between President Pervez Musharraf's Kashmir whines in the United States and the fulminations of the separatist Hurriyat Conference leader Syyed Ali Shah Geelani in Kashmir, makes the serious Kashmir-watchers convinced that the All Parties Hurriyat Conference split has been fomented by Pakistan and its ISI directed terrorism-cell frustrated at the change of attitudes and perceptions among the Kashmiris of Kashmir. Out of the 25 organisations and institutions which constituted the original APHC, constituted over a decade ago, as many as eight are said to have been enticed by Syyed Ali Shah Geelani, the separatist and pro-Pakistani former Chairman of Hurriyat, who is no doubt carrying on the sabotage of the APHC on the directions of the operational command from Islamabad and Muzaffarabad. To understand the causes of frustration of Pakistan and the genesis of the Hurriyat split, which seems to be more irreparable with every day that passes, one must try to understand how Pakistan's Kashmir policy of military and communication terrorism is steadily failing like its 'bullet, bully and bluff policy' in Afghanistan Cross-border terrorism, an issue said to have been recently raised by the Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee with President Bush of the United States, and in his address to the Indian diaspora in the United States, is beginning to be understood in its true perspective. In terms of the global and national threats to various countries from political and religious terrorism, much of it tracies its origin to Pakistan. That country is now seen as the 'mother of terrorism'. Pakistan, which had always harped on the 'core issue' of Kashmir, is now finding it difficult to bluff even its ardent allies and protestors like the United States and China about its intentions. Its lip service as the front-line ally in campaign against terrorism of the Taliban and Al Qaeda variety and the flag bearer of the 'Kashmiri Struggle' master-minded and directed by non-Kashmiris from Islamabad and Muzaffarabad, carries lesser and lesser conviction. For more than half a century, since 1947, the 'military occupation of Pakistan' has continued, with short civil rule breaks in between. In order to legitimize and justify this continuous military occupation of Pakistan itself, the dictators in command have used every dirty trick in the game. This included the fundamentalist card, the nuclear card, the totally failed two-nation theory, efforts to riggle out of all accords and possible accords. It is even harping on non-compliance with the UN Resolutions by India to cover the monstrous fact that it is Pakistan, which has not complied with the United Nations resolutions and directions of vacating the illegal, aggressive military occupation of the area ironically called the 'Azad Kashmir'. It has been steadily sought to be enslaved and ruled through non- Kashmiris as a plan of de-Kashmirisation of the vast tract under the propaganda barrage of 'Kashmiris Struggle for Self Determination' at the international fora. Even many sections of Pakistani population are beginning to doubt the veracity of these claims and accusations repeated too often by the Pakistani military elite. There are large ethnic sections within Pakistan itself, which are suffering from similar continuous genocidal campaigns by the military rulers. The Shias of the Northern areas, the Pakhtoons of the North-West, the Baloochis and the Sindhis, are among some of the ever-suffering ethnic minorities of Pakistan. They are victims of the military aggression and exploitation of the lands they were born in. No wonder some of the leaders of these ethnic struggles within Pakistan have been active in recent months in drawing the world attention towards human-rights violations by the Pakistani military rulers and the denial of the basic demands of self-determination by the people of Balawaristan, Pakhtoonistan and Baloochistan areas and Shia majority areas in various parts of Pakistan. Even the remnants of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, whose presence is now being acknowledged by the Pakistani rulers after a long season of emphatic denials, are becoming the worms that have turned. The recent spurt of violence, the propaganda avalanche and split of the Hurriyat in Kashmir, are seen by serious Pakistan-watchers, inside and outside Pakistan, as the last ditch battle for survival by an illegitimate, undemocratic and anti-human rights military regime in Pakistan, for survival and sustenance. A cynic in Karachi has gone to the extent of remarking that the entire Pakistan itself was denied self-determination and could be called 'MOP' or 'Military Occupied Pakistan'. The nuclear weapons, the 'jehad' fašade, the cross-border terrorism and the endless bluff and bluster in the international fora and the UN, was in reality not to ensure self-determination for the people of Kashmir but to deny self-determination, basic human rights and elementary democratic institutions to the people of Pakistan themselves. One of the anti-military rule activists had also questioned : How is the rule of Musharraf in Pakistan any better or any worse than was the rule of Saddam Hussain was in Iraq ? Why does the 'Wild West' tolerate him and his lies ? At least the one and only super-power of the West must answer this question for its own clarity of mind. The frustrations and failures of the Pakistani military rulers' policies in Afghanistan, in the tribal areas of Pakhtoonistan, Baloochistan, Balwaristan and Sindh, have forced them to concentrate on their campaign of armed and media cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. But here too, they are facing frustration and failure in the growing split among the Hurriyat ranks, which was more than representative of the democratic leaders of the people of Jammu and Kashmiris, a front patrol of the separatists and pro-Pakistani agents provocateur. Some of them were known as more pro-Pakistanis than the Kashmiris of the Pakistani brand were in Pak Occupied Kashmir. The leader of the 'Operation Sabotage' who had now emerged as the biggest hope for the present rulers of Pakistan appeared to be Syyed Ali Shah Geelani. Having been the unquestioned master of the operation in India, his authority was seldom challenged before the 'peace virus' entered even in the minds of the hard-core militants of yesterday. The 'peace lobby' within the Hurriyat was represented by the present elected Chief of the Hurriyat Council, Maulvi Abbas. There were others who had also changed their strategic tracks and had come round to discussions with the Central leaders of India and also discussions with Pakistani leaders and not unquestioning obedience to the traditional monitors from Muzaffarabad and Islamabad. That obviously compelled Pakistani military leaders to engineer the split in the Hurriyat while stepping up the activities of the Jaish-e-Mohamad and Lashkar-e-Toiba cross-border terrorists and mujahideens. They were trying to create a new terrorism-triangle as the last-ditch battle of their 'core issue', bully and bluff policy in Jammu and Kashmir. They had pinned their hope on Syyed Ali Shah Geelani, with others having second thoughts. Will this triangle work ? Or were their intentions the familiar, 'use and discard tactics'. The military dictators had used the tactics in dealing with the 'Kashmiri leaders' in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Only time will tell, but perhaps sooner than later.


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