October 2003 News

Saudi Ready To Help Solving Kashmir Issue

20 October 2003
The Indian Express

Islamabad: Observing that peaceful settlement of the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan is the 'right way', Saudi Foreign Minister prince Saud Al Faisal has said that Riyadh wanted to see 'wise leadership' from President Pervez Musharraf in seeking peace in the region. Addressing a joint press conference with his Pakistani counterpart Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri in Islamabad on Sunday, Saud said that Saudi Arabia was ready to do everything that could help in reaching a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir issue. 'We will do everything that we can to help in bringing about this peaceful settlement, which is the main problem that divides the two countries and that threatened the region. So anything we can do to settle the issue of Kashmir we will certainly do that,' he said. However, he said that Saudi Arabia was interested in and 'what we think is a wise leadership from Musharraf in seeking peaceful settlement with India as the right way to go'. Expressing concern over the emerging Israeli-India military relationship, Saud said, 'Indeed, what we are hearing of this cooperation is that it is aimed not at the good of the region but to inflame the region, to further add to the arms race in the region'. To another question he said, 'We have heard about making the submarines capable of delivering atomic weapons, this certainly should worry rather than comfort India or any country of Asia'. Referring to Israeli concerns over its security, he said, 'It is a country of four million or so people that believes its security extends from the Indus River to the Atlantic ocean. What kind of nonsense is that - and it is a worrying element, it is another element of instability and insecurity and the countries of Asia should take account of that'. Faisal came to Pakistan with Saudi crown prince Abdullah Bin Abdel Aziz on a two-day visit.


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