October 2003 News

Pak Panel Inspects Baghliar Project

21 October 2003
The Times of India

Srinagar: A three-member Pakistani delegation headed by Sayeed Jamil Ali Shah, the country's commissioner for the Permanent Commission on Indus Water (PCIW), inspected the Baghliar hydro-electric project being constructed on Chinab river at Ramban. The panel, including PCIW advisors Izhar-ul-Haq and Bashir Ahmad, arrived in Jammu on Monday for the two-day inspection. The delegation was assisted by a three- member Indian team led by PCIW commissioner A Bhardwaj. Islamabad has blamed India for violating the Indus Water Treaty and alleged that the project will adversely impact the flow of waters to its territory. The Pakistani PCIW delegation reached India through the Wagah joint check post on Sunday. The team inspected the height of the dam of the project, near Jammu . Shah had told reporters on Sunday that his team has come to see whether the dams specifications on papers supplied by the Indian government matched its actual height. Shah said, 'We will go round the project and find out how things stand there. The inspection will be a step forward in improving bilateral relations.' Though Pakistan made a request for the inspection four years ago, it was conceded only now by New Delhi . Shah has earlier raised objections about the height of the dam and the water storage capacity of the 450 MW power project, which he says has violated the Indus Water Treaty of 1960.


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