October 2003 News

USA Keeps J&K Boiling: Qureshi

26 October 2003
The Statesman

Jammu: Separatist politician Hashim Qureshi who had also hijacked a Fokker Friendship aircraft from Srinagar and later exploded it at Lahore airport in the early seventies has turned a peacenik who is advocating a non-violent movement to resolve the Kashmir issue. Qureshi has said the time has come for finding a peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem. He believes that the issue will be solved not by New Delhi or Islamabad, but by the Kashmiris themselves. Speaking to The Statesman, he said the gun has lost its relevance in Kashmir and there was no need to carry on an armed struggle. Qureshi, who now heads Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party (JKDLP) spent 29 years of his life in exile, in Holland and Pakistan, for the hijack of the Fokker Friendship aircraft from Srinagar, stressed that the people of Jammu and Kashmir should alone be given the right to resolve the dispute. He lambasted the USA and other global players for leaving Kashmiris to fend for themselves. Terming America as the 'number one enemy' of the Muslims, Qureshi said Washington does not want the Kashmir issue to be resolved unless it serves its own interests. 'If India and Pakistan become friendly, America will create another dispute to keep the sub- continent boiling,' he said, adding Kashmiris have become a casualty in the fight between India and Pakistan. 'It is the Kashmiris who get killed on both sides of the LoC when India and Pakistan resort to shelling.' The JKDLP chairman said the solution of the Kashmir issue will usher prosperity and progress into the sub-continent. Lambasting the PDP-led coalition government for failing to stop human rights violation in the state, Qureshi said the healing touch policy has proved to be a hoax.


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