November 2003 News

Pak Playing Politics On Kashmir Issue: Gilani

2 November 2003
The Times of India

New Delhi: Expatriate Kashmiri separatist amalgam, International Kashmir Alliance, on Sunday accused Pakistan of playing 'politics' on India's proposal of starting Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service by attaching a condition that UN should be involved in it. In a statement here, London-based IKA Chairman Sayed Nazir Gilani said, ' Pakistan , which claims to be friend of Kashmiris, has always ended up in creating more confusion' rather than solving it. ' Pakistan has been admitting Kashmiris earlier on Indian visas...What has changed now?... Moreover, it gives more weightage to New Delhi 's statement that Islamabad was trying to politicise the confidence building measures,' Gilani said. 'The cosmetics of an argument for the need of a UN document for travel and UN checkpoints hold no arguments. Pakistan , in its controlled part of Kashmir , does not still allow an unrestrained freedom of travel and freedom of a political activity in Gilgit and Baltistan. Accusing Pakistani administration of adopting 'double standards' on the issue of Kashmir , he said, 'after 13 long years Pakistan has remembered the rape victims and orphans of Kashmir ... It is interesting that Pakistan 's institutional wisdom on Kashmir has decided to turn humane for the first time.' 'It may interest many Kashmiri watchers to note that Pakistan has failed on the humanitarian component of its responsibility,' Gilani said while referring to the non- compliance of a judgement of PoK's Supreme Court on Northern Areas. He said the humanitarian interest of Pakistani establishment in Kashmir has always remained suspect and self-serving and added that it had 'never favoured a feel of honour and dignity to the people of Kashmir .' Appealing to Pakistan to rethink the Kashmir specific proposals, Gilani stressed the need for allowing Kashmiris to travel between the two sides. He appealed that senior citizens should also be allowed to cross over from Uri (Baramulla).


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