November 2003 News

Muslim unity key to impede US-Israeli plots: APHC leader

3 November 2003
News Network International

ISLAMABAD: A senior Kashmiri and APHC leader has underlined need for unity among Islamic states to impede a concerted American-Israeli plot on Islam and its followers. 'There is no other way but to set aside differences and forge unity to put up an effective resistance to US- Israel conspiracy,' Ghulam Mohammad Safi, All Parties Hurriyat Conference Secretary General said here. He told IRNA in an interview that the Muslim countries would have to strengthen their economies under a close and well-knit coordinationto face the challenges, particularly unfolding after 9-11 events. Safi said that by sowing seeds of mistrust and discord, the anti-Islam forces led by the United States were targeting the Muslim countries one by one. 'It is their strategy to take on us one by one,' he added. Referring to US- led military operation against Afghanistan and Iraq, he condemned veiled threats consistently being hurled on Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran. He maintained that the series of attacks and threats to different OIC member nations were a serious and complicated matter, which needed a well-conceived plan of action to safeguard the Muslims collectively. In this direction, he welcomed Pakistani Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali's recent visit to Iran and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Prince Abdullah's visit to Pakistan, saying that such interaction among Muslim nations was vital to cobble up joint strategy. 'Islamic countries' weak economies are a real challenge, which can only be overcome by opening up economies and facilitating each other,' he observed. He concluded that many OIC member states were blessed with natural resources in great abundance that could be harnessed and channelised for mutual benefit in a better way.


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