November 2003 News

IMF asks industrial nations to 'solve' Kashmir

4 November 2003
News Network International

WASHINGTON: In unusual remarks, a senior official of the International Monetory Fund has asked industrial countries to help resolve the Kashmir problem between India and Pakistan. Peter Heller, Deputy Director of the IMF's fiscal affairs department, in an interview to a publication of the organisation, said, 'Beyond promoting development in the poorer countries through mutually beneficial investment, there is an equal imperative for industrial countries to promote solutions to long-festering political crises. 'This means the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir and the North Korean situation.' In the interview to IMF Survey, he said, 'one can also see potential tensions associated with the scarcity of water in the Middle East, South Asia and elsewhere, as well as competition for oil resources in the South China sea and the Caspian region.' He said the 'myopia of politicians and the public' with respect to long-run challenges is 'worrying.'


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