November 2003 News

2,165 Killed In Kashmir In First 10 Months Of Year 2003

15 November 2003
News Network International

Srinagar: The official sources in Indian held Kashmir claimed that 2,165 people were killed in unabated violence in Held Kashmir in the first 10 months of the year 2003. According to these figures 2,165 people died in violence and 1,476 were injured during this period beging from January 01 to October 31, 2003. The dead includes 1,202 Mujahideen and 326 security personnel including seven personnel of the local police. There has been an increase in the killing of civilians during this year. The civilian toll touched 663 which include 77 women. The killings of civilians is attributed in most cases to 'unidentified gunmen'. No probe has been held in such killings eversince Kashmir was engulfed in turmoil in early nineties. Besides four Village Defense Workers (VDCs) were also waylaid and killed during the period. VDCs are comprised of mostly Hindu villagers in Jammu regions remote mountain areas who have been provided weapons for self defense against any attack. 1476 persons were also injured during the period. They include 915 civilians, 125 of them women. Most of the civilians were injured in grenade explosions, security forces firing and unknown persons in crowded markets ostensibly to target security patrols. Besides 521 security personnel and 37 security forces and informers were also injured. Three journalists too were injured while covering the violence during the period. According to figures available 30 persons died in the custody of various security agencies during the period while 12 disappeared after their arrest. Those killed in security forces custody include 17 Mujahideen, and 14 civilians, including 2 students. In most of the cases spontaneous public protests broke out after such incidents. Some 446 people were arrested in the 10 months period on various charges besides on suspicion of aiding and abetting militancy. Mujahideen launched 125 rocket attacks hurled 231 grenades on security forces and detonated 165 landmines during the period.


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