November 2003 News

Mufti Wants Pakistanis To Visit J&K More Often

15 November 2003
The Asian Age

London: Asserting that Pakistan has been indulging in 'disinformation campaign' on situation in Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed favoured visits of Pakistanis to the state, saying it would nail Islamabad's 'mischievous propaganda'. 'We are not captive of security forces, but a free people. Let there be regular flow of people visiting Kashmir from Pakistan and its occupied Kashmir as we have nothing to hide. 'In fact, they would see with their own eyes the flowering democracy in Kashmir,' sayeed said in reply to questions of Pakistani journalists after delivering a lecture on 'a new future for Kashmir-prospects, renewal and growth.' Mr Sayeed said he had asked Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to encourage Pakistanis to visit Kashmir that would help change their mindset. 'Our people would also see what is the state of affairs across the border and will know once and for all pardey key peechhe kaya hey (what is behind the veil),' Mr Sayeed said. When asked how he has been expecting tourism to flourish in Kashmir when Army was patrolling streets of Srinagar, Mr Sayeed said that once people of Pakistan would see the 'flowering democracy' and relaxed atmosphere, 'mischievious propaganda' would automatically die down.


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