November 2003 News

Pak Rejects Vajpayee's Stance On UN Resolutions On Kashmir

16 November 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Pakistan has rejected the Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee's stance suggesting that UN resolutions on Kashmir are outdated and made it clear that Islamabad is ready to hold talks with New Delhi for resolution of Kashmir issue in the light of the Simla agreement. Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayyee talking in Damascus on Sunday said that Kashmir imbroglio had to be solved bilaterally under the Shimla Agreement as well as the Lahore Declaration and not according to the five decade old UN Security Council resolutions, as much had changed since then. 'The UN Security Council has dealt with this matter over five decades ago. Since then the political, economic, social and demographic realities had changed beyond recognition,' he was quoted by PTI as saying. Expressing his reaction on Vajpayee's statement in exclusive talk with Online here Sunday, foreign office spokesman, Masud Khan said that the non-acceptance of these resolutions by one party does not render them redundant. Pakistan has always shown its readiness for implementation of UN resolutions. It is India, which has been dilly- dallying this matter. The Simla agreement also does not negate these resolutions, he added. He alleged that India has been putting the Kashmir issue on back burner on one pretext or other. Pakistan is ready to resume talks with India to settle Kashmir dispute under Simla agreement, he added. He reiterated that Kashmir issue can be resolved if India stops state terrorism in occupied Kashmir and initiates a political process as per will of people of Kashmir. Pakistan and India both are agreed over this, he stated. To a question he said that Indian Premier has signalled to come to Pakistan to attend SAARC conference, however, it has yet to be confirmed.


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