November 2003 News

Hizbul not bound by 'cosmetic' truce

28 November 2003
The Nation
Shamim Shahid

PESHAWAR: Despite the government's latest steps to discourage militancy in the name of jihad and religion, Hizbul Mujahideen Friday again issued a schedule for jihad training. In this regard, the activists of Hizbul Mujahideen distributed a fourpage pamphlet at an Eid Millan party, hosted by Jamate-Islami, here on Friday. On its last page,Hizbul Mujahideen published its training schedule that included 21-day preliminary training and three-month guerilla training. It was further stated that during training, food, accommodation, medicalcare and arms will be provided by the Hizb while the Mujahid would bear the travelling expenditures up to the training centre. AFP adds: Speaking to AFP in Muzaffarabad, a spokesman for the Hizbul Mujahedin said his forces would continue fighting Indian rule on the other side of the de-facto border, regardless of the ceasefire between the rival armies. 'The ceasefire is by the two armies and not by the Mujahedin,' said the spokesman, Salim Hashmi. 'The situation inside the (Indian-held territory is tense and there the struggle will continue with full force,' he said. The spokesman dismissed the truce announced by Islamabad and Delhi as posturing. 'In the absence of a permanent solution to the festering issue, all such steps will prove to be cosmetic and transitory,' Hashmi said. 'The ceasefire may bring relief for the residents of some areas, but this relief will be temporary as long as the basic issue is not resolved ... in accordance with Kashmiri aspirations,' Hashmi said. This, he said, was a reference to Pakistani and separatist demands for a plebiscite among Kashmiris on how they are ruled. Addressing a big congregation at Eidgah in Sopore, Held Kashmir APHC Chairman, Syed Ali Gilani said Kashmiris will continue their liberation struggle till its logical conclusion. He said that United Nations resolutions provided the best solution of Kashmir dispute, PTV reported. He pointed out that India has been engaged in efforts to mislead the world opinion by projecting Kashmiris' liberation struggle as terrorism. He said India will be frustrated in its sinister designs adding the Kashmiris till their last breath, will not allow the Indian designs to succeed. Other APHC leaders, Ghulam Nabi Sumji, Agha Syed Hassan Budgami and Sadullah Tantray addressed Eid congregations at Budgam, Bijbehara and Doda and said the UN resolutions on Kashmir were as valid today as at the time of their adoption. The Chief of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom party, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, in his Eid message reiterated that the people of occupied Kashmir would continue their ongoing struggle for their liberation despite all odds. Big Eid congregations were also held at Eidgahs and Jamia mosques in Barmulla, Kupwara, Islamabad, Pulwama, Jammu, Poonch, Rajouri, Udhampur, Kargil and Leh.


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