December 2003 News

Kashmir Resolution Tabled In House Of Commons

6 December 2003
The Pakistan Tribune

London: Five MPs have tabled a resolution in the House of Commons seeking the right of self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir . The MPs Roger Godsiff, Marsha Singh, Terry Davis, Lorna Fitzsimons and Peter Pike have significant numbers of people from Pakistan in their constituencies . According to IANS, the resolution, titled Self- Determination for the People of Kashmir, was tabled last week and is yet to be taken up for discussion . The resolution reads: 'That this House recognises that the question of self-determination for the people of Kashmir remains unresolved more than 50 years after the creation of India and Pakistan as independent states; 'Expresses concern at the continued reports of human rights violations in Indian- controlled Kashmir; supports any initiatives taken by the Governments of India and Pakistan to bring a peaceful solution to one of the world's longest running disputes; 'Commends both the United States administration and the United Kingdom government for their efforts to develop a constructive dialogue; and reaffirms its belief that Her Majesty's Government should continue vigorously to support the right of the Kashmiri people to determine their own future' .


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