December 2003 News

Amanullah Announces LONG MARCH Against Any Division Of Kashmir

8 December 2003
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Mirpur: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) will have a LONG MARCH from 5th January 2004 to 11th February 2004 in favour of complete independence and against the division of Jammu Kashmir State. The march will start from the south corner (Bhimber) of Azad Kashmir and will culminate at Chakothi near cease-fire line (LoC) in the north of Azad Kashmir, Amanullah Khan, Chairman JKLF announced in a news conference here Monday. Khan said, 'the organisation's highest authoritative body, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) in its recent meeting had a comprehensive discussion on recent developments on state, regional and international level about Kashmir issue especially the present ceasefire between Pakistan and India on LoC and the proposed Bus Service between Muzaffarabad and Srinagar and concluded that the steps recently taken by India and Pakistan clearly pointed towards changing LoC into the permanent border between the two countries and the best possible solution of Kashmir issue i.e. complete independence of the State was not seriously considered on all these three levels.' Therefore, JKLF, in order to divert the attention of the world towards this undeserved apathy towards Kashmir issue, will have a LONG MARCH from 5th January 2004 to 11th Feb. 2004 (5 weeks) starting from Bhimber (the southern corner of Azad Kasmir) and terminating at Chakothi (the northern corner of AJK) near cease-fire line (LoC), he said. It may be re- called that on 5th January 1949, Kashmiris were deprived of their right to independence through a resolution of United Nation Commission on Kashmir and on 11th Feb. 1984, a great son of Kashmir Maqbool Ahmad Buttt was executed in Tihar prison Dehli (India) after eight years of continuous imprisonment. Maqbool Butt was kept in prison for thirteen years in Indian Jails accused of being an agent of Pakistan and 3 years in Pakistani Jails accused of being an agent of India, before he was hanged in India, although he was an agent only of the Kashmiri nation, Amanullah said. JKLF made it clear that patriotic Kashmiris would never let the ill-conceived intentions to divide Kashmir, succeed. The CEC again made it clear that the best possible, equitable, democratic, honourable, peaceful and permanent solution of the Kashmir issue is to re-unite the forcibly divided Jammu Kashmir State under the supervision of an International Kashmir Committee (IKC) and make it a fully independent country with a democratic, federal and secular form of government and having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan. Fifteen years later, let there be a UN supervised referendum in which Kashmiris would freely determine whether Kashmir should continue its independence or it should become a part of India or Pakistan and this popular verdict should be accepted by all the parties to Kashmir issue as its final settlement and implemented. Khan said that the JKLF's historic LONG MARCH was aimed at attracting the attention of the world towards the Kashmir issue and towards its best solution.


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