December 2003 News

Musharraf sold Kashmir, says Nawaz

14 December 2003
The Daily Times

LAHORE: Talking from Jaddah on telephone to his former political secretary Mushtaq Ali Tahir Kheli, PML-N Quaid and former premier Nawaz Sharif said on Sunday that erecting of a fence by India on the Line of Control (LoC) proves that Musharraf sponsored Jamali government has sold Kashmir to New Delhi and Gen Musharraf with his ill-conceived policies have made Pakistan's autonomy a question mark. He said, he was shocked to hear that FBI agents had taken custody of scientists and engineers of Kahuta Research Plant for investigation without prior intimation to agencies concerned in Pakistan. He accused Gen Musharraf of implementing the agenda of his foreign mentors. Replying to a question, he said his party respected the army but opposed those generals who were working against the interest of Pakistan. He vowed to continue the struggle for democracy till the ousting of autocratic rulers.Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz stalwarts urged the leaders of both Muslim League and People Party to set aside their petty differences and wage a joint struggle with the Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy platform to save Pakistan from the sellers of Kashmir. -PPI


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