December 2003 News

Jihadis spurn Musharraf's statement on UN resolutions

19 December 2003
The Daily Times

LAHORE: Jihadi and religious leaders have rejected President Pervez Musharraf's current stand on the United Nations resolutions on Kashmir, calling it a retreat from Pakistan's principled stand on the issue.Talking to Daily Times by telephone from Muzaffarabad on Friday, United Jihad Council head Syed Salahuddin said though President Musharraf's statement on Kashmir was apparently a move to ask India to talk on the core issue in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation conference, it had harmed Kashmiris' interest.Mr Salahuddin said India, on the other hand, was not responding to Pakistan's moves positively, which showed it was not serious about resolving the decades' old dispute. He said although the president's statement was meant to invite India to the negotiating table, it would do more harm to Pakistani and Kashmiris' interests than any good. 'Such statements however will not affect mujahideen's freedom struggle,' he said.Jamaatud Daawa Ameer Hafiz Saeed said a retreat from the UN resolutions on Kashmir would damage the Kashmir freedom movement and upset both Pakistanis and Kashmiris. He said mujahideen would follow the divine commandments instead of following government policies that pleased only America and India. Hizbut Tahrir workers distributed pamphlets outside big mosques in the city after the Friday congregations that said that Muslims should establish a caliphate immediately to foil the Akhand Bharat plan.Al Badr Mujahideen spokesman Jannisar Akhtar declined a comment on the president's statement. Jamaat-e-Islami General Secretary Syed Munawwar Hassan told a Friday congregation at Mansoora that in the past, a general surrendered East Pakistan to India and now another one seemed determined to get back from Pakistan's principled stand on Kashmir. -Amir Rana


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